The BibleWay Church of Christ is founded and based on the principles and doctrine that Jesus Christ taught his Holy Apostles. During the period of over 33 years, Jesus walked the earth, he chose 12 disciples who became the Holy Apostles. When Judas betrayed him and committed suicide the Apostles appointed two men to succeed him in Apostleship and in the ministry. In Acts Chapter 1 verses 23 - 26, the remaining Apostles chose Barsabas surnamed Justus and Matthias. They prayed and then gave forth their lots and the lot fell upon Matthias. In Acts Chapter 9 verses 3 - 20, Saul who became the Apostle Paul meets the Lord along the way to Damascus.

We therefore adhere to the doctrine and faith of the Apostles. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was given from him directly to his Apostles. We believe and teach that every soul can be saved. Salvation is achieved by first believing that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Once you accept the fact that Jesus the Son of God died and was resurrected, you must be born again of water and of Spirit. We believe in the baptism of baptism that Jesus prescribed in Matthew 28:19, as it is accomplished as Peter preached and taught in Acts 2:38.

We preach and teach that one is not fully "SAVED" until the spirit of the Holy Ghost is manafested by the speaking in tongues as the spirt of giveth utterance.

The full doctine of the Apostolic faith is comprehensive yet very simple. True believers of the Apostolic faith lead a simple life in which Jesus Christ is the center piece. We do not celebrate holidays. We do not esteem one day more highly than the next as the Apostle Paul spoke to the Galations in the book of Galations chapter 4 verses 4 - 11. We do not believe in divorce and remarriage. We do not condone women preachers, deacons, or Sunday school teachers.

We strive to live and preach the full Gospel not that which tickles the ear or easing soothing or pleasing to the fleshly mind or wordly beliefs. We are not members or activists in any political organization or movement. We do not vote, we pray.

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